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Our Advice

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Protection 

Wealth Creation

  • Investment and Superannuation Advice
  • Cashflow Modelling and Budgeting 

Personal Wealth Protection Insurance

  • Income Replacement    
  • Life Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover

Business Protection Insurance

  • Business Owners Insurance – Buy/Sell
  • Key Person
  • Business Expenses
  • Group Insurance


    • Strategic Advice
    • Review your current superannuation funds
    • Find lost superannuation
    • Superannuation consolidation strategies

    Why Choose Us?

    • Focus on getting your strategy right first 
    • Specialisation in Cashflow monitoring and Budgeting
    • Specialisation in Insurance 
    • Elliss Wealth Protection is privately owned
    • Our Approach – comprehensive Advice delivered personally by your highly qualified professional adviser
    • Personalised Claims Management
    • Access to all top tier insurers
    • Wealth Protection Portfolio tailored to your needs
    • Core Competency in Business Wealth Protection

    Our Services

    • Professional Strategic Advisory Services - development of financial roadmap to create wealth and achieve financial independence
    • Specialisation in Cashflow monitoring and Budgeting - the key to your goals
    • Specialisation in Insurance - customised portfolios
    • Investment and Superannuation Management
    • Debt Management
    • Introductions to other professionals and specialists as required
    • Lending
    • Retirement Planning and Aged Care
    • Estate Planning
    • Taxation 

    Why Choose Us?

    We provide Strategic Advisory Services  

    Our advice ensures you have the right strategy to achieve your goals at the right time.  Strategies consider your lifestyle and financial goals, alternative structures and investment vehicles, tax and gearing considerations, and cashflow monitoring and budgeting to achieve financial independence - you choose when you want to retire and have freedom of investment and lifestyle decision making.  

    Critical to meeting your goals is to get advice first (consider your alternatives, your preferences and your circumstances), product is a subsequent consideration and can be provided at your request. 

    Specialisation in Insurance

    Insurance policies can ONLY make a payment to you when it meets a condition of your policy.  If your policy is sub-standard you may receive a lesser payment or no payment at all.

    We work together with you to ensure you have cover that meets your preferences and your budget.

    Access to Wide Range of Insurers  

    We are your advocates and are privately owned.   For every client we undertake a full analysis of the market to obtain the most comprehensive cover for you, with the most favourable terms.  We regularly monitor the market to ensure your policies have up-to-date terms and conditions.

    At claim time, we are working for you to obtain a payment as quickly as possible and includes all of your entitlements.

    Cash flow Modelling and Budgeting

    We help you solve the biggest obstacle to you not achieving your financial goals.  In our experience, this is the biggest single factor in determining your financial independence.  We help you to develop and more importantly to maintain good spending and saving habits.

    Efficient Process

    Our process is simple and efficient.  We use simple every day language and do not use industry jargon. 

    Wealth Protection Portfolio Tailored To Your Needs

    Your requirements are specific to you.  Our business background ensures we help you identify the risks you and your business face. We discuss alternative solutions with you that may include insurance, partial insurance or no insurance.

    Core Competency In Business Wealth Protection

    Our business acumen specialises in Wealth Protection.  Former business experience has included in accounting, property, finance and  financial services.  This provides a stronger background to assist you with your Business Succession Planning and to assist you to identify key person risks within your business.

    Our Approach - Professional Advice delivered Personally 

    Our approach is premised on providing you with Advice, focusing on quality and your best interests.

    Our process is based upon understanding you, your business and your needs (current and future) regarding your lifestyle, family, retirement and wealth goals.  

    We meet with you in person.  Achieving your financial goals and protecting your family and business is best facilitated by meeting with both you and your spouse/family/partner.  This ensures your wealth protection is designed with input from all participants. Our clients have found, if your partner is included in the initial insurance discussions, your process is smoother and more time efficient for you. 


    We meet with you where it is convenient for you.  

    We meet with you where it is convenient for you.  

    Our Remuneration

    Fee for Service for Strategic Advisory Services, fully agreed with you upfront, explained in our Terms of Engagement and disclosed in our advice documentation.

    We are remunerated by the insurers for Insurance Cover.   
    This means you receive personal advice from your Financial Adviser who is working for you (and not the insurer) and customised insurance cover at the same cost as going direct to the insurer and receiving only product advice from a sales representative.  Our remuneration is fully disclosed in our Statement of Advice and Financial Services Guide.

    Compliance Focused Practice

    Our prior accounting and audit background means compliance is forefront of our mind in every step of each process and the practice as a whole.




    Our Services

    Strategic Advisory Services 

    • Investment, Superannuation and Debt Management
    • Specialisation in Insurance - Customised portfolios
    • Specialisation in Cashflow Modelling and Budgeting - key to your success 
    • Estate Planning 
    • Taxation 
    • Introductions to other professionals and specialists as required
      • Lending
      • Retirement Planning and Aged Care Specialist
      • Accounting
      • Legal

    Understanding You And Your Business

    The foundation to protection your wealth is to understand you and all your goals, current and future:

    • Personal - your own personal goals, family, lifestyle and retirement goals.
    • Business - goals, risks and succession plans.

    This is an ongoing process.  Your personal and business circumstances change.  Your health, lifestyle, pastimes and preferences are evolving.  

    Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.
    — Henry Ford

    The insurance industry is constantly changing, including responding to developments in the medical profession, changes in client preferences, tax and superannuation legislation; and enhancements in compliance requirements.  These changes impact the types of cover, definitions, benefits and claimable events.  Ongoing reviews are therefore vital to ensure your Wealth Protection portfolio is up-to-date and meets with your ongoing needs.

    Individually Tailored Wealth Protection Portfolios

    Personal and Business insurance is structured to meet your individual needs.  This process involves: 

    • Assessment of insurance requirements and alternative risk reduction strategies
    • Types and levels of cover
    • Options and Benefits
    • Ownership structures
    • Tax considerations
    • Beneficiary nominations
    • Liaising with your professional advisers, accountant, lawyer or financial advisors


    • Review of superannuation arrangements
    • Consideration of your retirement needs
    • Identify appropriate superannuation strategies

    Insurer Market Research

    Market knowledge of insurers is continually being monitored and reviewed, including staying abreast of potential factors affecting the insurance industry.

    Underwriting Negotiation And Pre-Assessment

    The development of key relationships with Underwriters is essential to obtaining terms and conditions that take into consideration each clients' specific circumstances, both health and financial.

    Pre-assessments may be undertaken, prior to the initial selection of an insurer, to obtain indicative terms resulting in the sourcing of the most advantageous terms for our clients.

    Liaising With Your Professional Advisers

    We work together with your advisers to ensure you obtain the most appropriate insurance portfolio solution for your own particular needs.

    This also enables us to maximise the efficiency of our process and your time by liaising directly with your advisers.

    Maintaining a personal relationship with you, your family,   your business associates and professional advisers 

    Maintaining a personal relationship with you, your family, your business associates and professional advisers 

    Personalised Claims Management

    Maintaining a personal relationship with you, your family, your business associates and professional advisers, enables us to assist you and manage the entire claims process for you at a time that is very stressful.  

    We are your advocate and do not work for your insurer.  Our primary goal is to ensure you obtain your claim proceeds as quickly as possible and that you receive all your entitlements.

    Our ongoing relationship with your insurer is essential to achieving a smooth and timely payment of your claim. 

    About Us

    Sandy Elliss – Founder And Adviser

    Sandy Elliss – Founder And Adviser

    Sandy Elliss – Founder And Adviser

    After obtaining my accounting qualifications and working in the finance industry for a number of years, I found I wanted to help my clients in a meaningful and important way. Whilst I was good with numbers, it was people that I really cared about and helping them achieve their lifestyle goals, financial independence and protect the people they care about the most, their loved ones. 

    My financial industry experience which now spans over 20 years and includes Chartered Accountancy (Price Waterhouse and Schroders Australia), Private Banking and Commercial Lending (Investec), Financial Planning with Strategic Advice, Wealth Protection and Cashflow/Budgeting Specialisations for the past 11 years, provides a strong base to help my clients.
    Over time I have been able to help my clients in some way, either to save their home, their business, provide for their children and schooling and to maintain their retirement goals.

    I am passionate about helping divorcees with their finances at an intensely difficult time in their lives, when they are feeling overwhelmed and need support. Being divorced myself, I know how I felt when my life was turned upside down and the struggle to manage all the moving parts made decision making difficult.

    My goal is to puts the needs of divorcees first and to provide support to attain a sense of control and to feel more confident by making smart financial decisions that will make a big difference on their new journey.
    Our health is something most of us take for granted.  I know I did.  Having been in the Insurance industry for some years now I fully appreciate how important our health is to ourselves and our families.  I also understand that a little bit of forward planning can have a big impact on our future.  

    I consider myself fortunate to have lived overseas in Asia and to have assisted with the care of children in two orphanages every day for a period of 6 months.  It was both a rewarding and humbling experience.

    Outside of work, I usually participate in anything "ing" – yachting, golfing, walking with friends or playing with my wonderful and inspiring daughter. I am a big believer in the benefits of health and diet helping to achieve our lifestyle and financial goals.

    This combination of strong personal values and the breadth of Accounting and Financial Services experience assists me to provide advice to my clients that is relevant to their own personal situation and most importantly is in their best interests. 

    I was considering entering the property market and approached Sandy to discuss protecting my income. Fortunately, I was not seriously hurt in a recent push bike accident and income protection was still available for me. Sandy helped me to think about what I wanted my life to look like and to put in place a plan that would help me protect my income and to also help with additional medical expenses if I should suffer a critical illness, such as cancer.

    Sandy’s experience was immediately apparent. Throughout the process, I found Sandy’s professional approach, friendly manner and concern for my well-being to be very reassuring and I was completely at ease, knowing that I was well looked after. There is a confusing range of policies and potential exclusions from a number of different insurers. It was a great relief to find someone independent and experienced.

    Thank you Sandy.
    — J. Cramp, Nutritionist

    To view more client testimonials please visit my Linkedin profile

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